Lighting Consultants Noorgostar Co. Ltd., with registered number 172658 on 2001/04/21 in Tehran and the use of specialist and experienced power industry.

Consulting Engineers Lighting Noorgostar Co. Ltd. to implement a quality management system (2000) ISO ‘9001’ 2007 promotion from 2000 to 2008 in 2010 (the company ANAB States Institute certifying BUREAU VERITAS) and its development in 1392 (the Swiss company SGS) in all subject areas including design, engineering and project monitoring distribution systems, lighting and traffic control services and test and inspection equipment and lighting systems and traffic control has been continuously the quality of its engineering services and consulting in order to increase and improve customer satisfaction.


The Municipality of Tehran – Traffic Control Company – The mission of the tunnel – Islamic Azad University (IU Hisarak) – municipal district 9 and 4 – Karaj municipality – Operator MTN