Distribution & Control


Study of distribution network losses and voltage drop
Reform proposals presented in order to optimize the distribution network
Preparation of high voltage lines projects and high voltage substation projects and transmission line project
Operational feasibility of the plans of modernization and optimization of distribution networks
feasibility study of high voltage transmission and distribution lines and substations projects
Tenders services for projects associated with distribution networks , the distribution and transmission lines in preparation of technical specifications and technical evaluation of proposals
Supervision projects related to distribution networks , high voltage lines and substations, transmission and distribution of power and comparing the results to predetermined performance objectives for the project
Provide consulting services for compliance with safety requirements , functional and protective in design , implementation and operation of networks such as network distribution , the distribution and transmission facilities and substations
Preparation and training of specialized software used in the design of distribution networks and substations and transmission lines
Prepare and review the latest international standards on equipment of distribution , generation and transmission of electricity
 Defining the technical specifications required for the purchase of equipment used in distribution networks , generation and transmission of electricity
Studies and research projects in the fields of automation and SCADA in the distribution and transmission electric systems
Consulting firms and international cooperation SwedPower (Sweden), SMEC (Australia) and SWECO (Sweden) in loss reduction projects, optimization and modernization of distribution networks

Previous & Current

Engineering services and supervision to Fashapooye, abbasBasabad and Firoozkooh substations 63/20 KV
supervision to test and inspection process of electrical distribution areas and Measurement Equipment
Design and preparation of technical data for five compact 20 kV substations
Consultancy services for supervision of losses decrease projects
Providing comprehensive electrification design around the shrine of Imam Reza and Azad University
engineering consulting services and site supervision power circuit breaker with compressor mechanism