Traffic Control


Intersection Signaling and control traffic Designed such as intelligent junction, programmable junction and Winking junction
Supervision to the installation and maintenance of traffic control equipment and related projects
Electrical design and supervise the installation and maintenance of bus station and …
Supervision to installation and maintenance of enforcement video monitoring
Design and supervise the installation of parking meters and parking violations marginal
Design and supervision of electrical installations, mechanical, telecommunications and construction of urban tunnels
Prepare documents and tenders the purchase, operation and maintenance related fields
Optimum design of traffic control systems in accordance with the terms of international standards (RTA)
  Evaluation of traffic control systems and providing old Reform proposals to recieve the standard of values
 Consultation to develop a quality control system in production line equipment for traffic control
 Providing consulting services to manufacturers in the design and construction of traffic facilities
offering Technical solutions to traffic equipment manufacturers to improve product quality and increase production and procurement of necessary equipment
offer consulting services to contractors and operators to comply with the standards